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While on a family vacation, at the young age of 13, I wandered into a pet store and spied my first English Mastiff puppy. Being that this was in the States, the store owner allowed me to cuddle the puppy and no sooner was it in my arms, I leapt to the door and made my escape to find my parents in the mall. Well, you can imagine the store owners dismay at having to chase me down the mall with the puppy and you can also imagine my dismay when I realized what I had done and no I wasn’t stealing the puppy I wanted my parents to see it and buy it.

Well, my parents said NO TO THE PUPPY and I silently vowed as I carried the pup back to the store with the owner that one day I would have my own English Mastiff! Typical of a 13 yr old I think!

I never forgot that puppy and upon marrying my hubby I informed him that an English Mastiff would be in our lives! We welcomed my Mother’s Cairn terrier into our home, but there was no Mastiff on the horizon. Until the day my sister called saying she had found one that needed to be re homed…our Bebe came all the way from Montreal on a Labour Day weekend…without my hubby knowing!

Bebe was 5 years old, covered in fleas and only understood French! She had obviously been abused and with lots of tender loving care she blossomed into the dog she was meant to have been. Unfortunately 3 yrs later she succumbed to leukemia and we were devastated.

The search was on for another Mastiff and we decided that we would get our first puppy.

After contacting the Canadian Mastiff Club, I was put in contact with 2 breeders that were expecting a litter. Within 4 months we had our new baby girl Allenbeck’s Lady Guinevere, Tala to us, and life would never be the same at Hachey’s Haven!

What started as just wanting a wonderful pet has become my greatest adventure and with the help of  mentors, Julie and Ken Allsopp of Allenbeck Mastiffs, my passion has grown to become Gallant Mastiffs.

Please enjoy our site.